Case Study:

An online yoga forum, class booking and membership portal.

The Client

Having left a successful corporate career behind, Claire Weatherley decided to dedicate her life to sharing her love of yoga with others, passing on the benefits and passion for life that yoga has given her.

Alongside running her own yoga classes, Claire became a yoga teacher
trainer with accreditation from the Yoga Alliance.

Her international yoga retreats are held in unique locations across Europe and India.

The Project

A hugely ambitious project to develop a new brand identity, community website
and content subscription portal aimed at yogis worldwide. The client
wanted to create an international online space where yoga teachers and
enthusiasts contribute to a forum, sharing thoughts, ideas and content with one another. The Client also wanted to create and showcase high quality content
which incorporates yoga as an entire lifestyle to subscribed users.

The Goals

Goal 1

Educate market about the benefits of Holistic Yoga/ Yoga for living.
Create conversation regarding the benefits of Yoga for living vs
other lifestyle methods or choices.

Goal 2

Generate a community of yogis who subscribe
to content provided by the client.

Goal 3

Promote the client’s ongoing yoga classes, workshops and national
and international yoga retreats.

The Process


Based on the outcomes of three initial research strategy workshops with
the client, we were able to develop a digital strategy which was scalable and
designed to grow as the community grew. These sessions allowed Blue Baboon
to analyse the client’s objectives and create a strategy with a phased approach
to best match the budget and resource available.


Following this our design team created a brand identity for the platform.
This included logos, style guides and tone of voice identification which
would resonate with the target users.


After a comprehensive wireframing and design phase, development begun
on the platform. The build involved several completely bespoke, innovative
features which are unique Online Yoga Community. These features pushed boundaries and required the development team to be creative in their approach to deliver features such as a dynamic community forum where users are able to upload
various types of media into 3 different content streams, a mood functionality slider which allowed users to pick content based on their mood and a bespoke CMS (Content Management System) which allowed the client to upload high quality content to specific user groups and on specific areas of the website.


Following the launch of the website at the yoga show, the site was supported
with 3 months of marketing to build interest and raise awareness of the platform. This included SEO optimisation, social media set up and influencer marketing.

The Outcome is a completely bespoke unique platform, which is
fast gaining industry recognition from the yogi community. The brand continues
to grow exponentially and has gained over 500 Twitter followers and currently over 200 subscribers actively using the platform. Plans are now underway to outline delivery of the next phase of the project which includes an app and a shop
offering selected products to the community.

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