Digital Health Check

Blue Baboon Digital can help your business identify which aspects of your online activity will improve your digital performance.

Blue Baboon are offering digital health checks, to help identify key aspects of your digital strategy which may be underperforming. We can help to uncover opportunities for your website as well as providing a comprehensive overview of your online activity.

Following the 6-hour digital assessment Blue Baboon Digital will create a concise step by step digital roadmap to help improve your online performance.

From just £360 +VAT Blue Baboon Digital healthchecks will check:

Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

Mobile Responsive Test - With Google now penalising websites which are unresponsive, we will check if your website works on mobile devices and identify which aspects require attention.

Are You Utilising Social Media?

Social Media Integration / Social Media Marketing - How have you integrated your social channels into your website? Are the feeds active, useful and relevant? Are you utilising the right platforms?

Are You Making the most of Google Analytics?

Google Analytics Review - Are you using your conversion tracking and funnels? What is performing for your business and what's turning your users off?

Are You Being Found on Google?

Search Engine Optimisation/PPC - We won't guarantee you first place on Google, but we will assess if your site is easy to find, relevant and is of genuine interest to those who find it.

Is Your Website Converting?

UX (User experience) and UI (User interface) assessment - Is it clear what is clickable and where you are sending your users? It's important your site is easy to use.

Yes, Please Help Improve My Online Activity!

If you would like us to help you make the most of your digital activity, simply give us a call on 020 7148 1352 or fill out the form and we will help get your digital activity fighting fit!