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We love working with challenger brands

Blue Baboon doesn’t look to deliver products or services but a process and approach which offers maximum benefit and flexibility to our clients. 12 months ago if a client came to us saying ‘we want a new website and we have £10k, can you help?’, we would sit down with them and figure out what we could build them for that budget.

We realised that this transactional relationship didn’t deliver our clients the maximum benefit.

Asked the same question today we would ask you why?

What made you think you need a new website?

Why is the budget £10k?

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As an agency, we are nosy to the extreme

Unashamedly so because until we understand your business we are just selling you services.

Where is your company now?

Where do you want to be?

What is stopping you getting there?

We want to know what keeps you late in the office, what makes you run for a glass of wine or a pint at 5pm on Friday… all these pieces of the puzzle help us understand the full picture and work with you to create a digital roadmap for your business.

Agile and iterative

80% of our clients work with us on a retainer basis where we don’t jump from project to project but instead have regular strategy and planning session aimed at:

Assess the digital roadmap and identify key focus areas and priorities for the
forthcoming week

Reviewing any new tools, social platforms, analytics or techniques entering the industry we may be able to make use of

Adjust and improve the digital roadmap and plan for the client

This fully agile and iterative approach enables us to constantly innovate, collaborate and more importantly react in the incredibly fast moving digital world.

What do we mean by retainer basis?

A typical client on-boarding would begin with a three stage workshop process. Resulting in a strategic plan and digital roadmap which would be delivered through a retainer agreement.

An agreed amount of resource is allocated and booked on the 1st of each month. This resource is flexible and able to be rolled over or pulled forward to account for peaks and dips in requirements. The agenda points are adjusted based on the clients individual situations.

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Is it really better?

We believe its better for all, including us. With the headcount in many agencies bouncing up and down with the coming and going of major projects freelancers and contractors are a main stay in most teams.

Having the benefit of solid, ongoing strategic relationships with our clients we are afforded much more stability and the confidence to invest in securing the best talent possible on a full time basis who form a stable and dedicated core team that drives our innovation and commitment to client delivery on a retained basis.

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Kevin Cavilla
Kevin Cavilla
Managing Director

Kevin is our dynamic Managing Director who works with clients on their digital strategy and discovers new ways for them to innovate and disrupt their sector. The variety of the role is what Kevin enjoys most as no two days are the same. Ultimately, Kevin’s inspirational leadership qualities help to make the team a better version of themselves — when he’s not talking about his passion for cricket that is!

Favourite childhood toy: A dinosaur book because of his dreams to become a dinosaur hunter

Léa Munzer
Léa Munzer
Creative Director

From experience planning, drawing, organising, dancing and cooking there is nothing Léa can’t do. Her role is about winning ‘the experience war’, through crafting seamless and delightful journeys across touchpoints with a brand. Léa conducts our strategy workshops with clients, to get under the skin of the brand, understand their business frustrations and help them create and develop their identity.

Favourite childhood toy: Lego

Mariana Crespo Allen
Mariana Crespo Allen
UI Designer

Our beatboxing, User Interface Designer, Mariana works alongside our other UX and UI designers to create the look and feel of the responsive website interfaces we design. Mariana’s creative nature allows her to experiment and try ideas she has. When she’s not designing she will be drinking lots of tea.

Favourite childhood toy: A grey stuffed dog