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Hello, we are Blue Baboon.

We are digital journey experts: We help get your digital presence right and transform your business through converting connections into relationships.

Why do we do what we do? Because we want to transform the way connections are made.


This is what we do

... amongst eating bananas

Strategy and Consultancy

By exploring the needs of both our clients  and their customers, we are able to design digital experiences that are commercially effective and a pleasure to use.

Digital Design

Our approach to design provides a clear and concise experience for users. We design for the internet – meaning our designs must be usable but also look professional and cutting edge.


Blue Baboon possesses the dark arts when it comes to development! From implementing aesthetically pleasing code in the front end, to sophisticated code in the backend – we are well setup to meet a variety of technical briefs.


Whether you need to extend an existing user experience out onto mobile devices or create an entirely new mobile service we can support your expansion in this rapidly developing channel. We have also built dozens of bespoke mobile apps that users love to use.

Online Marketing

Through a mix of paid search (PPC), search marketing (SEO) and social media marketing – we reach consumers that really need your products or services. Whether they’re looking for your brand specifically, or a brand like yours, it pays to get there first.

Post Production

Digital technology needs a mixture of reactive support, reliable hosting and periodic reviews to make sure that 60% of the time, it works everytime… wait..? Basically, our stuff works and we keep your stuff healthy. Whew!

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We love it when a plan comes together

Below is a quick intro into our process and the way we like to deliver a project. Every project is different and we are a flexible agency often adapting to the needs of our clients/ partners. If you would like to see how we can adapt to your bespoke project, let us know.


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Design and development are (albeit awesome) commodities. A strategic digital partner that influences your brand is something unique.

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Thanks for visiting our habitat! Blue Baboon are a bunch of friendly people who love to spend time creating and developing new concepts to make the internet an enjoyable place to be.

We promise consistent quality, good relationship and good value. If you’d like to visit us, just get in touch. We’ll make sure the coffee (or tea) is hot and the soda’s are fresh!

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